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IT’S YouCentric

YOU – the researcher – MATTER.
So, we created Scholabrate [skol-uh-breyt]. Now you can:

your online brand
with colleagues
in real time

… all within one secure and convenient researcher-centric ecosystem.


Scholabrate introduces new standards to conventional online networks. It’s where professional networking-inspired social discovery meets real-time collaboration; and where online presence blends seamlessly with advanced online branding and scholarly reputation management tools.


Created, designed, and fine-tuned by researchers like you, Scholabrate is a fully featured, purpose built, online platform offering members of the research community the tools they desire for advancing forward their research and careers.


Scholabrate allows you to curate your online brand and develop your brand image. Showcase your achievements. Inspire trust. Learn more

It’s never too early to start telling your story

It’s a competitive research landscape out there. Scholabrate offers tools allowing you to tell your story and stand out.

Based on trusted data

Scholabrate can assist in creating your online research brand based on information you can trust – information provided by you!
Keep your information in sync, and gain insights to plan your future.

Transform your achievements into rich visuals

Scholabrate’s innovative Scholarly Reputation Management DashboardTM collects all your achievements in one convenient location. Using interactive visuals and infographics, it highlights the stories hidden behind your data.

Insight-driven decisions

Scholabrate can help you empower your research-related decision-making through a holistic view of all your accomplishments and evaluation of potential future drivers for success.

Share your story

Allow others to visually explore your researcher profile to establish trust and confidence in your researcher capabilities.

Future readiness

Thinking of grad school or a research career? We took out the guesswork from planning for a fulfilling future.
Optimize your CV and gain insight into activities that may make you an attractive candidate to your school of choice with easy to understand visuals and tools.


Scholabrate simplifies the process of professional discovery. Connect with peers and colleagues. Discover new ones based on shared research interests and contacts. Create and manage your research networks. All in one convenient location.


Start a conversation or join one. Share your thoughts. It’s never been easier to discuss what matters to you, increase your visibility, and improve learning outcomes. Simply create discussion groups around topics of interest, engage the community, and make the difference.


Across the hall or across the globe, we’ve levelled the technology playing field with equal access to all to connect, share, collaborate, and innovate. And with a robust free version, it’s also very affordable. Just set-up a private Channel, invite your colleagues, and get the project going Learn more


Extend your research capabilities with secure cloud-based virtual project rooms optimized for research and fitted with dedicated project libraries.

Borderless possibilities

Scholabrate’s cloud-based purpose-built collaborative solutions help reduce physical, spatial, budgetary, or technological barriers standing in the way of multi-center collaborative efforts.

Accessible – anytime, anyplace

Access your Channels easily and securely from your PC, Mac, Tablet, or Mobile device.

Anytime Collaboration

Face-2-Face or Keyboard-2-Keyboard you can collaborate in real-time, your time, or any time. With synchronous and asynchronous capabilities, working with others is painless.

All your project files

Upload and share documents, PDFs, and rich-media files.

Share results

Easily share your research findings with the Scholabrate community and across other popular social networks with a click of a button.
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awesome! you just earned the badge!
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awesome! you just earned the badge!
let’s see if you can earn more...

awesome! you just earned the badge!
let’s see if you can earn more...